Friday, April 9, 2010

SQL PowerShell Extensions - SQLPSX

I have been working with PowerShell for a while now and have been writing my own custom tools. I have used it to implement log shipping on a SQL 2000 Server, I use it to dump things to a WSS site, and I use it for a number of management tasks. Sometimes it can be a PITA as you find yourself writing your own functions and "modules" to do simple, repetitive tasks.

Well the guys in the SQLPSX team on CodePlex have just made my life so much easier and I wanted to make sure my readers (my wife and apparently a couple guys in India according to Google Analytics) were aware of the tools that SQLPSX provide. These are simple, easy to use PoSh modules that can take objects via the pip-line like almost any other command let in PoSh. Make sure you add it to your tool box! Chris Barth did a nice presentation on it at the local PASS chapter meeting at MAXTrain in Mason, OH and it was also written up in last month's SQL Server Mag.


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