Friday, August 20, 2010

Refocusing on Studies and Blogging

It has been a crazy couple of months. I have actually gotten my dream as a SQL Server and SharePoint admin/developer. I cannot explain how happy this has made me and I have been working hard to fill in the gaps in my knowledge. Now that I'm more settled in, I'm trying to get back on track as far as my studies go and take the dang upgrade exam for the MCITP DBA 2008. I know I am pretty much ready for the test. I think with a good review of mirroring and replication I could pass without really doing any prep. So I am hoping to schedule this exam as soon as possible.

I use certification to both focus and measure my studies on a given topic. There are a couple of other areas that I need to explore and I am going to pursuing the following certifications in the next 6 months as well:

  • MCITP: SharePoint 2010 Administrator (70-677 | 70-668)
  • MCTS: SQL Server 2008, Business Intelligence Development (70-448)

I'm really hoping to be able to accomplish these quickly and be able to share some details about my studies and some of the very interesting things that I have going on at work.


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